Sunday, April 1, 2007

Google Paper, what a deal!

You guys been on gmail yet? They've got a new feature, where they'll mail your email to you.

What a deal! If you don't really like electronic mail, they'll send you your emails through the US Postal system, printed out on paper!
For free!
How can they afford this, you ask?
Well, they'll include ads on the back of the emails, in large, red type.
Still, sounds like a wicked deal, doesn't it? I had a few ex-bosses who would have loved this option, as they seemed to just print out and read all their emails anyway.
And over on they've got a story about the great new feature on from Google, live satellite imagery on GoogleEarth!
But the more I thought about this, the more worried I became. I mean, wouldn't this be a perfect tool for terrorists or something? What the heck are the folks at Google thinking?
So I called the State Department and told them what the folks over at Google were up to. I mean, not the mail thing. That's cool. But the whole real-time satellite imagery open to anyone. That's no good. Jeez, those guys could launch cruise missiles or something!
Oh, yeah. Happy April 1st.


Avitable said...

They also have the Google TISP, which will get you free high-speed internet through your sewer system. Very clever.

Gino said...

the sewer system would be appropriate considering so much of what is out there already