Monday, July 23, 2007

Not dead, sleeping...

Rough month.

Much work. Work-work and home-work. Garages to rustle into shape, firings to avoid to keep paycheck coming.

Still not completely dug out, but I am very thankful for the couple of you who keep dropping in.

Talk to you this weekend, I think.



Gino said...

who's the other one who checks in?

Jeff said...


Wow, you really have been snoozing. Hope things pick up!

Gino said...

hi jeff.
checked out yer place.
nice bloggy bit you got going on.

maybe we need to start the smallest blog group on the sphere.
"friends of kal" blogs.

we'll need a button, of course.

Kal said...

Gino: ouch. That smarts... (accurate, but still, it smarts).

Jeff: Harmonica man no longer?!? Did you give it up?

Jeff said...

Give up the harp? Never!

I just didn't want my profile to make it seem like I was only about harmonica stuff - since that's not the only thing I write about.

I'll be back on stage Saturday night!