Friday, January 26, 2007

So, who plays You?

RW is involved in a group of fine wits and raconteurs who do a "Roundtable" (after the famed Algonquin Roundtable... I call dibs on Wolcott...) post-and-discuss thing every Thursday.

This week Prego has the honors, and he's posted a question: who would play you in the movie of your life? Well, RW, as I've mentioned to him on his blog before (or maybe he mentioned it and I agreed, I can't remember), looks to me like Tim Curry. And Avi has offered up Oliver Platt and Jonathon Rhys-Davis (Gimli, or, even better, Professor Maximilian Arturo from Sliders). Although to me, Avi is always a doppelganger for my brother-in-law.

As for me, the years have gotten kinder. It used to be the most apt casting would've been singer-songwriter (and possibly hobbit, I mean, you ever seen the guy? He's tiny...) Paul Williams.

Or a younger John Madden (possibly due to my out-of-control eyebrows...)

But then heaven delivered Philip Seymour Hoffman (that doesn't sound too foofy, does it?)...

And yes, I talk like Truman Capote too... Well, hopefully not.

So who do you look like?


Callie said...

When I was younger, people used to say Phoebe Cates or Jennifer Beals. I personally never saw it.

Now? Honestly, there is no one who looks like me. In all honesty, there are no "known" actresses who have any meat on them whatsoever. Sure, you have the ones with curves (Salma being the most prominent), but they're still thin. I have never, nor will I ever, be thin. So, if anyone played me, it would be a total unknown, or Sandra Bullock in a fat suit.

Gino said...

whats the matter Kal? michael moore was taken?

as for me: i look like no body else.
i'd have to play myself for 'there can be only one'.

Kal said...

Callie: You're definitely Salma, looks wise. Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? George's girlfried (who is named Callie) is curvy, and she's wicked sexy as hell...

Gino: Oooo.... Them's fighting words. Actually, I really look like Karl Rove, except I have a little more hair. But I always get emails from friends when Rove's in the news...

Motherdear said...

No, Phillip Seymour is the man. I always said he looked like you. He's probably my favorite actor.

Who would play me?? Elsa Lancaster. Especially if she reprised her role in The Bride of Frankenstein!!!

Callie said...


Just had to post another comment about this. Over the weekend, Munchkin announced that I looked like Rachel Ray.

Woot! LOVE her!