Thursday, March 29, 2007

Faux Food

As the boy was born around April Fool's, Wifeypooh usually brings in a treat for his class which looks like something else. A couple of years ago it was poundcake and frosting that looked like grilled cheese, sushi made from rice crispies and fruit roll-ups, and this year's entry, the cookie chicken nugget, with jelly dip:

Bon appetite!


Avitable said...

That's awesome!

Penny said...

Very cool! Wifeypooh is clearly very talented (and creative).

But dude... we've waited forever and THAT'S your post??

Kal said...

Av - I'm going to find pics of the other stuff she's done, she's obsessive about this kind of thing sometimes.

P - Sorry. Dead laptop meant little computer time so I couldn't do much in the way of blogging.

Just bought spiffy new laptop, so I should be back online more often, I promise.

Callie said...

That's so neat! I'm lucky if my cakes even look like cakes.

Harmonica Man said...

Great idea... for the 1% of the population creative enough to do something like that.

The boy must be the most popular kid in his class on April 1st!