Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Kickin' it into high gear...

Well, as our campaign gets underway, we're developing some of our marketing materials.

Here's the latest from the gurus at Kal Central:

If that doesn't convince people, nothing will.


Gino said...

how bout: Vote Kal. You could do worse, and already have.

Callie said...

Holy crap!

What happened to Val?

Not too sure that's what you want people envisioning when they hear your name, Kal.

I need to go Clorox my brain now.

Avitable said...

Very nice. I think that's going to be an effective campaign.

Kal said...

Gino: I was thinking of that, with a picture of GWB, Clinton, and GHWB underneath... (although I actually like Bush the father, and really liked Candidate Bush - until he turned into a big gummint fascist...)

Callie: Sad, isn't it.

Av: Thank you. I'll need help with those morons in Florida, you in?

KaraMia said...

oh geeeezzzz, you just killed The Saint...sigh. (psst, thats a movie reference)