Thursday, May 3, 2007

Happy Beltane

Sorry been away, but it's Beltane you know, and I've been... well... busy.

The first of May, long before the Commies stole it for May Day, is a very important day. In the Celtic and Pict parts of the British Isles it's Beltane, the traditional kick off of summer.

Beltane's an ancient festival celebrating the death of winter and the begining of summer (June 21st, our "first day of summer" is actually mid-summer's day). Befitting my new status as a Crunchy Conservative interested in the environment and Mama Earth and all that crap, I've been trying to revive some of the old customs.

So, for Beltane you've got to build a big bonfire, dance around, maybe do a little Maypole dancing, and... well... some other stuff.

Beltane is around planting time, and you really want to make sure the Earth is super-fertile so your crops will grow nice and tall. Apparently the ancient druids believed that you could help along Mama Earth in her fertility by, well... getting busy in the furrows. Your fertility would rub off. So to speak.

So I got the bonfire all set, did a bit of dancing around, skipped the Maypole (that just looks goofy). And then asked Wifeypooh if she wanted to help me fertilize the garden.

Long story short, I woke up this morning in the bushes with a splitting headache, an egg on the top of my head, a broken spade next to me, and a ticked off wife locking me outof the house.

I guess she said no.

Ah well, maybe next year. For a bit of Maypole dancing, how about Men Without Hats?


Harmonica Man said...

Happy Beltane day to you too?

Leave it up to you to find a relevant 80's video clip. Nice work.

Gino said...

this is why i come here.
the wit, humor, and story telling.

i'm still laughing.

come on, kal... skipping the maypole? now, THAT'S funny.

Kal said...

HM: There isn't a situation in life that you can't find an '80s song for, right?

PS - loved your MP3s.

Gino: Thank you, sir. You ever skip a maypole? Quite a thrill... And the chicks really dig it if you wear authentic middle-ages garb..

(Actually, Gino, I think you'd dig an authentic Beltane... Check this out

Gino said...

not good here today.
the bricks are better.

Mossy Stone said...

heh....pole dancing...heh...

has it been a month yet?

Kal said...

Mossy: still counting

Anonymous said...

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