Thursday, February 8, 2007

Kal 4 Prez!

Many have asked, "well, Mr. Kal, exactly what kind of president would you be?"

To tell you the truth, I don't know, I've never been president before. So how better to find out, than to surf over to the fine folks at Blogthings and ask them?

You Are Most Like George H. W. Bush

You're considered boring by people that don't know you well. But like Bush senior, you do crazy things.
Maybe you'll end up banning broccoli in your house, or puking on the Prime Minster of Japan!

Well, of course, they didn't have a question about the proper treatment of interns. That may have changed things a bit. At least I didn't get Nixon....


avitable said...

Coming here through my Bloglines, finally - your feed worked.

And let the Bay of Pigs 2: The Reckoning commence!

[b]You Are Most Like John F. Kennedy[/b]


You live a fairy tale life that most people envy.
And while you may have a few dark secrets, few people know them.

[b]What Modern US President Are You Most Like?[/b]


Callie said...

I'm not even going to say what that stuped meme told me. It's unthinkable.


Penny said...

It said I was like Bill Clinton.


I feel very, very dirty and am off to shower and scrub the vileness off my body with a very stiff brush.

Gino said...

the great one.

KaraMia said...

aw, and your Clinton either..but hey, there's still hope. You can always be Hilary!

Dirty Gypsy said...

I was also JFK.

In the picture that accompanies the text, the cartoon JFK has his arms folded, and is looking down. I like to think it's because a cartoon Marilyn Monroe is polishing his knob. Was that too much?? I'm gonna slink back over to my blog now...