Saturday, February 3, 2007

Viva La Garage! Viva YouTube!

I used to have a blog called "The Garage" which reflected my obession with 1980's and early '90's culture. Well, culture's a bit of a stretch when talking about Wham!, but, anyway...

In the interest of not juggling four different Google Id's, I thought I'd bring The Garage over here, and incorporate it into the new place. So, to kick it off, here's a quintessential 1980's song. It makes no sense, it's got a ton of electronic instruments, and it's from a one hit wonder.

Well, I'm not being fair; it's from a musical, so it must make some sense in the context of the musical, and Murray Head had a good broadway career, but you get the idea.

Now, about Viacom's attempt to pull all MTV clips off of YouTube. First of all, the actual artistic product here doesn't belong to Viacom. A clip from MTV shows a video, produced by the artist, not the work product of MTV, they just put their little bug on the corner of the screen. And it's not even like they play friggin' videos anymore, what the hell do they care?

(Putting on old man beard)
See... When I was a kid, MTV was music videos 24/7, they didn't have any crappy shows to get in the way... blah blah blah...
(/old man beard)

Anyway, now that YouTube is owned by Google, this is obviously a ploy by Viacom to grab some licensing dough from the Google boys. In the spirit of solidarity with the Googlionaires, let's put up another video grabbed from MTV, shall we?

Here's Tom Jones and the Cranberries covering Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House."



Gino said...

silly democrat!
80's music hit a dead stop in 86.

Kal said...

I beg to differ: 1987 saw the birth of Kylie Minogue's career with "Do the Locomotion". Now that's a quintessential '80s song.

Gino said...

thats only because you were too damn young to remember the real 80's vibe.

the 80s wasnt a band, or series of bands. it was a 'tude. the culture reflected that. 86 saw that whole beauty thing suddenly get the official '80s' label.
in response: so-called '80's music' was being created.

kind like all those Elvis impersonators who have more in common with each other than with the real Elvis himself.

Avitable said...

Cardigans, not cranberries

Kal said...

D'oh! I know that, particularly since I had to type in "Cardigans" to search for it on YouTube...


Dirty Gypsy said...

That was way more enjoyable that I would have guessed. I think that is a testament to Talking Heads writing a kick-ass song more than anything else.